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Goodbye From Faith Aromatherapy

Dear Faith Aromatherapy Customers:

Thank you for being so great and loyal to our business the last 5 years! As many of you know, part of the vision of Faith Aromatherapy has been to create space for people to practice holistic health and live clean. Two years ago, I started a passion project called Springs Wellness Center to give an opportunity for people to experience emotional, physical and spiritual health services. The time has come for me to leave Faith Aromatherapy behind, and focus my time at Springs Wellness Center. 

Springs Wellness Center has an Apothecary Bar that will still offer Faith Aromatherapy favorites like our deodorants, facial serums and facial oils! Visit to purchase custom or stock products and DIY skin care kits and formulas! You can follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for great articles on health and wellness, and a spa blog where friends and I will be doing monthly reviews on the best spas around the world! 

Much love and blessings to all of you!

Faith Frankenfield

Founder and CEO