Our Values


Certified Organic and Minimally Processed

We use agriculturally based and certified organic raw materials wherever possible.


Essential Oils

We avoid synthetic fragrances by crafting a unique blend of therapeutic grade essential oils that are healthy for our bodies.


Mind-Body Beauty

We create botanical blends known to reduce stress and beautify the skin at the same time.


Ancestral Traditions

We create beauty regimens that combine folk remedies with technologically advanced, non-toxic ingredients.


Giving Back

A portion of Faith Aromatherapy product sales are donated to support charitable causes that bring healing, and freedom to the community around us. The causes we support emphasize emotional and mental health.




A note from our founder Faith Frankenfield


With over a 20 year background as a makeup artist, esthetician, aromatherapist, and integrated wellness practitioner, I have a passion for outer beauty to be a reflection of inner beauty. I created Faith Aromatherapy to be a feel good lifestyle brand that transforms the way women see and feel about themselves, which I believe reverses the aging process! Stress, inner thoughts and outlook on life determine how you look and how you feel on the outside! I have been intentional about creating products infused with essential oils and energetic frequencies that will make you feel, look and smell beautiful!  Will you join me in redefining beauty and defying the aging process?