Wellness Center

949 Veronica Springs Road Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Faith Aromatherapy is partnered with Springs Wellness Center, a non-profit integrative life center that offers spiritual and emotional healing, stress relief services, and holistic health referrals for the community of Santa Barbara and surrounding areas. If you are in the area and would like to make an appointment for one of the services below, please contact us at info@springswellness.org

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Freedom Ministry: Free for the first session and recommended $75.00 donation for recurring sessions. Scholoarships available for recurring sessions.

Prayer for physical healing (Free)

Spiritual Cleansing of your home or business (Free)

Integrative Applied Kinesiology $75/session

Applied Kinesiology (AKA muscle testing) is a diagnostic tool used to discover the root of trauma, trapped emotions, allergies, and more! Once discovered, we will use prayer to dislodge false belief systems that are keeping these in place in the body.

Custom Blend Aromatherapy

$55 for health evaluation, personal blend formula, and essential oil blend

$25 reorder of pre-formulated blend

After filling out a health form, your certified holistic aromatherapist will create a customized essential oil blend to address up to 5 health needs. All blends are .33oz.

Aromatherapy Encounter: $50/30 minutes

A deep breathing treatment with a pressure point scalp, hand, and foot massage using an aromatherapeutic blend of essential oils designed for relaxation.

Trigger Point Emotional Bodywork: $75/45 minutes/$140/90 minutes

This treatment works on muscles in the body that have been chronically affected by emotional trauma through the application of essential oils, worship, words of blessing, and spinal, scalp, foot and hand reflexology.